TaxaJ Foundation
TaxaJ Foundation
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About YOUR Foundation- Yes Yours!

TaxaJ Foundation is laid on the pillars of education for all. We believe if you educate a person, you educate his generation. Education is just like a cloth. if you give it to someone, he will never be naked again, nor his family or coming generation. Only they're deprived of this charismatic wand, who don't know its magic. 

Taxaj Foundation is a voluntary, non-profit and non-government organization, registered as Section 8 Company having registration number U85300DL2021NPL381135 under Indian Companies Act, 2013. Taxaj has been working since 2016-2017 in the rural and interior pockets of UP, Bihar, West Bengal & Haryana to fulfil the educational and other social needs and requirements of deprived rural population. Taxaj Foundation Org. is committed to a non-institutional approach, follows principle of democracy and promotes women’s participation in decision making as part of its program planning, monitoring and evaluation. The primary focus of Taxaj Foundation is on the problems of the poor in their struggle to obtain a life of justice and dignity. Child Rights, women development and awareness generation, Environment stabilization, food-security, sanitation, education, rural industries for income generation, and empowerment of the community for self-governance are the most important components of its mission. Child and women Rights, Gender justice, youth empowerment, natural resource management, and livelihood security are our primary areas of concern.

"The most beautiful thing about education is that no one take it away from you"

There's a long way to go to reach the poor & deprived!

Covid-19 has threatened the future of thousands of children, particularly those from the disadvantaged communities due to closure of schools. They are at the risk of dropping out of education for having missed a major part of their academic lessons. The children who need extra academic support are the most vulnerable and may never return to school, eventually falling into the trap of exploitation like child labor and child marriage. After all slum dwellers have a basic priority of hunger above education, and its not deniable in any scenario.

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Places where we are able to extend our help
Places where we are able to extend our help
Education for All
Basic Healthcare
Child Welfare
Old Age Home Care
Farmers & Agri Helpline
Transgender Welfare

Integrated Livelihood Development Program (ILDP)

The project follows Graduation based Approach. Considering the existence of community that are below the subsistence level, out of 5000 targeted Households in total 5 Gram Panchayat, 2400 Househols has been identified as Ultra Poor. These 2400 Ultra Poor households will be mobilized into 240 Self-Help Group in order to provide them a regular and time bound cash transfer which would enable them to meet basic needs. While the Project aims at pulling these 2400 households out of poverty, simultaneously the holistic development of the remaining 2600 Poor households is also carried out.

Savings & Credit Based Women's Institutions

Taxaj Foundation works organizing rural women to give them economic and social independence through savings and credit based women's institutions, which provide them an opportunity to share, participate, and raise issues concerning their lives and take decisions.

Capacity Building

The institutions (SHGs, Clusters, Federations or Manch) provide the platform for capacity building of the community in general and that of women leaders in particular. Members of the SHGs are provided regular training for strengthening their management skills in running the institutions. In addition to information about better agriculture and animal husbandry practices, women members are also chosen and trained for different roles such as Community Resource Persons, Sakhis (Pashu, SHG, Adhikaar, Krishi, etc.) that helps them earn supplementary income.

Institution Building

Promoting community-based institutions for women empowerment is the core to Taxaj Foundation’s mission. These institutions empower women - to change power relations in their family and in the society, to foster decision-making power among women, to enhance their degree of control over resources and provide them space for visibility and collective action. Taxaj Foundation’s three tier Institutional architecture (Self help group, Clusters and Federations or Manch) forms the base for implementing different programs for Financial Inclusion, Livelihoods, Girls Empowerment and Rights & Entitlements. Spectra has promoted 3 federations.

Financial Inclusion

Through becoming members of SHGs women do regular savings, access loans, and thus reduce the risk of social exclusion and poverty. Federations help SHGs access credit from banks and themselves also advance two kinds of loans to SHGs – loan for New shops open and expansion old shop. A member ship of Federation's Saving provision is made to cover expenditure during festivals and special occasions without affecting the groups’ saving.

Help us distribute 10k Wellness Kits

Paracetamol 650 mg
Vitamin C IXIS With Zinc
Multivitamin Zincovit
Vit D3 60k

Help Us Distribute 10k Dignity Kit to women

Women dignity struggle have been known to all and this fight is still going on in some parts or the other.  This fight cuts across boundaries, age groups, cultures and societal status. Just imagine the condition of a slum dweller for a moment and think about the plight of homeless women. The insecurity, stigma, illness, humiliation, health issues, physical abuse etc. the struggle is endless.

Each dignity kit includes : –
– Sanitary napkins
– Bathing soap
– Shampoo
– Detergent
– Pair of undergarments
– Towel
– Torch.

Let us strive to improve the lives of homeless women by creating a safe and secure environment for them. We advocate for a dignified life for every women, every child and every family. We are making Hygiene and Dignity Kits for Women.

We at TaxaJ Foundation have witnessed these struggles homeless women go through with close quarters. While efforts are being taken to provide safe shelters to this section, we cannot shy away from our responsibilities. There is a need to treat planet Earth as our home and all humans sharing this space as our own.

Hunger is the biggest enemy of Indians!

We all wish we could do more to support underprivileged serious patients facing challenges and their caregivers, beyond our prayers. Sometimes, the family members of serious patients do not have time to look after themselves, not even have the time to have food, which is the basic necessity as they are always around taking care of their close ones.

Your small Contribution can bring smile to some family

We are helping every needy family that we can. But the pandemic is so adversely affecting the poor and underprivileged that more we do, more we see. Our Volunteers are working day and night to feed the poor.